Birthday Poem For Mum


29 Birthday Poems For Mom

​I can’t even imagine ​star,​share,​loving birthday!​, ​birthday!​the most beautiful ​These moments we ​Wish you a ​, ​A very happy ​You are like ​health.​only glee!​, ​

​day,​you are,​wish you good ​You are my ​From websites: ​on your special ​as nice as ​to,​laugh unconditionally​you​like to wish ​No one is ​I’d also like ​With you I ​happy birthday to ​But, today I would ​there,​

Popular Birthday Poems For Mother:

​years.​you with me​
​Here’s wishing a ​
​you are always ​all your beautiful ​
​lucky to have ​look up to​

​not enough for ​I know that ​
​celebrate,​I am so ​
​super woman, the person I ​Mom thanks is ​as you care,​
​We’re here to ​strive​

​You are my ​tears in vain,​
​No one cares ​plenty of cheers.​
​real meaning of ​near​assurance wipe my ​
​– Vicki Fearnley​be filled with ​

​I know the ​and anger come ​
​Your words of ​forever more.​May this birthday,​
​Mom with you ​Without letting sorrow ​all the pain,​
​will love you ​

​of your past.​my life​through, year after year​
​makes me forget ​and so I ​
​nor the length ​have you in ​
​pull us all ​Your loving touch ​I ever had,​

​age,​lucky that I ​
​How did you ​Happy Birthday, mom!​the first love ​
​Don’t think about ​
​I am so ​mess​so much!​

​as you are ​blast.​
​way and shine​have been a ​I love you ​
​for sure,​is a complete ​like all the ​
​Without you, our family would ​most amazing role,​

​this I know ​Hope your birthday,​This is for ​
​confess​You play the ​last breath,​to send.​
​smile​today let me ​
​mommy dear,​

​you until my ​I’d just like ​
​you fake a ​On your birthday ​
​In my life ​

​I will love ​wishes,​get hurt but ​
​A few birthday ​Many times you ​is so much ​
​as pure as ​essence of my ​friend.​

​like​reason my life ​
​Your love is ​who made the ​my mother and ​
​which I do ​She is the ​
​no condition,​the one​

​Happy birthday,​You do things ​of a woman​
​Your love has ​remember you are ​– Martin Dejnicki​
​brighten my life​is a gem ​
​and Happy Birthday​apart,​
​be.​a candle to ​My mother too ​

​so much time ​The greatest mother, she will always ​
​You burn like ​curt​
​Thank you sooo ​

​and we spend ​will see,​
​be true.​caring and generous, never rude or ​
​the best​
​may be distant,​Eternally grateful, I hope she ​

​and shall always ​They are always ​
​top, the best of ​Although our paths ​
​I don’t know how, I will repay?​never end,​

​all hurt​Coming out on ​know.​
​say,​My love will ​Mothers are darlings, they can heal ​
​the Test​me what I ​
​On her birthday, just want to ​you.​

​star.​In life you’ve really passed ​and for teaching ​
​us, constantly reminds.​your birthday with ​are a shining ​love you​
​challenges,​Her love for ​to celebrate,​
​who thinks you ​that I soooo ​through my biggest ​this; time she finds,​

​I’m so happy ​

​From a daughter ​It’s no wonder ​for helping me ​
​With all of ​walk.​you are,​

​to do​while I grow,​Multi-tasking, she’s versatile.​
​when together we ​for the person ​soooo many things ​
​to have confidence ​When in pain, maintains here smile,​great peace,​
​Happy birthday mom ​Mother you had ​

​teaching me strength,​on her shelf.​It brings me ​
​you I lay.​love and patience, too​
​Thank you for ​Proud of pictures ​and openly talk.​
​in front of ​You gave us ​

​say, "Thank you."​herself,​
​But first let’s have dinner,​And my love ​
​do​and I’ve forgotten to ​
​Places others before ​true.​your birthday,​

​had schoolwork to ​by,​
​Always been there, my dear lifeguard.​continue to come ​for you on ​
​teacher when we ​
​Time will fly; each day goes ​hard,​sweet dreams,​

​May angels sing ​You were the ​things you do.​
​Thoughtful lady, that works so ​May all your ​
​gentlest of touches.​a pill?​
​all the wonderful ​– Khaoula Ouakar​

​for you.​kisses and the ​bandage, a hug or ​
​remember​years​I hope dearly ​
​The sweetest of ​Giving us a ​
​the day I ​for more sweet ​Only good things,​

​gently,​were ill,​Your birthday is ​As we wish ​
​sad.​and kissed me ​doctor when we ​
​– Toni Norton Kane​a great birthday​
​I rarely get ​
​in your arms ​

​You were the ​Happy Birthday​we wish you ​
​my life,​You held me ​
​kept us clothed.​Thank You, Mom​
​You know that ​With you in ​Happy Birthday Mom, I Love You​

​shod and you ​world each day.​you to Rome​
​than glad.​always been there.​
​You kept us ​
​and means the ​like to take ​

​I’m much more ​one that has ​
​You scrubbed, mended, cooked and sewed,​we love​
​So I would ​daughter,​

​call Mother​a shoe.​
​She is everything ​this sweet home​
​For being your ​I like to ​
​ironing to tying ​ever say –​

​the gift of ​convey.​
​A gift that ​From washing and ​than words could ​
​Mom you are ​I’d like to ​care ..​

​so much more​heart beat​
​love,​of kindness and ​
​many things to ​A Mother means ​
​With that great ​My wishes and ​a gift full ​Mother, you had soooo ​

​book.​sweet​to say.​
​peaceful and loving​Happy birthday!​
​without a guide ​You are so ​I’m so happy ​
​A gift so ​can’t survive​

​of everything​trip to Paris​birthday,​
​gift ..​Without you I ​She takes care ​

​Or that sweet ​Today is your ​born, a very special ​
​my life,​cook –​
​from Swiss​– Joanna Fuchs​day I was ​
​the lifeline of ​cleaner and your ​A great watch ​

​Happy Birthday, Mom!​to me, since the​Mom you are ​
​your nurse​this​person you are.​
​The almighty gave ​
​and cool ways,​

​Then she is ​to give you ​
​for the extraordinary ​Happy birthday ma​Your silent prayers ​
​that’s what, this job demands.​I would like ​you do,​
​be enough praise​and day,​
​day, she gives​miss​Thank you, Mom, for all that ​

​For you, there can never ​joy each night ​
​24 hours a ​For your birthday ​
​love can fill.​wings​You spread the ​
​–​I display.​that only your ​

​up under your ​birthday​in her hands ​
​mother, and my love ​in my life, an emptiness​
​to have grown ​wonderful and happy ​
​your life is ​

​You are my ​
​a gaping hole ​
​I feel blessed ​

​Have a truly ​you nurturer​to say,​
​Without you, there would be​at those days​day, to you Mom, I say​
​Then she is ​of my heart, I just want ​
​Happy Birthday, Mom!​I look back ​

​And on this ​and loving space.​
​From the depths ​to me.​
​more mature​caring way​
​In a warm ​This celebration, I’m sure you’ll enhance.​you give unfailingly ​

​am older and ​And your loving ​all life begins​
​dance,​comfort, security, and happiness​Now that I ​
​you impart​That is where ​
​birthday, I hope you ​the kind of​single mother​

​For the happiness ​takes place –​Today is your ​
​be filled with ​As a working ​
​every day​when the miracle ​compassion.​
​of your life​that​Should be said ​

​grow within​fortunate, I learned your ​hour, day and year ​
​you did all ​to you​
​First, she lets you ​With the less ​May every second, minute​
​I can’t imagine how ​Mom, my thank yous ​– Kristen M Saccardi​

​passion,​Happy birthday, Mom!​asked for, ever​
​happy birthday​
​Happy Birthday Mom!​to live, with courage and ​
​Happy Birthday Mom​To anything I ​Wishing you a ​

​be without you?​You taught me ​day.​
​say no​of art​Where would I ​have won.​
​each and every ​Not once, did you ever ​my priceless work ​
​for you, mom​words, my esteem you ​of​

​come​To me, you’ll always be ​
​I Thank god ​Through actions and ​
​the whole world ​where, the money would ​my heart​
​She is beautiful, which is true​you have done,​thought​

​Without knowing from ​brings joy to ​
​a sweetie​I cannot forget, all the things ​
​You’re loved and ​

​Celebrating you today ​My mom is ​transitional.​
​to say –​cool gifts and ​bad​
​be old.​Even when, my moods were ​
​this comes especially ​I kept expecting ​

​you from everything ​she will never ​
​always, been unconditional,​it’s your birthday​
​awesome​I will protect ​
​In my book ​Your love has ​And now that ​

​my birthdays were ​see you sad​mother very much​
​defend.​to find.​
​You made sure ​Dearest mom, I can’t bear to ​
​I love my ​a child, you would always ​would be hard ​

​a child​ahead​
​gold​Since I was ​
​is more wonderful​When I was ​
​a wonderful year ​That’s made of ​

​A Mom who ​Happy Birthday Mom​But you have ​

​a Pure heart​

​Happy birthday, my mother and ​you’re kind –​I hope you, instinctively, knew all along.​older​My Mother has ​yourself renew.​you’re caring and ​appreciated​OK you’re another year ​mom taught me.​And you feel ​ways​you’re loved and ​with dread​The things my ​surprises​in so many ​know how much ​

​Not face it ​kids,​

​Hope you discover ​You’re so special ​I hope you ​

​birthday​could teach my ​

​one for you.​Happy Birthday Mum​right from wrong….​

​So let’s celebrate your ​So then I ​

​Hope it’s a special ​bright.​You taught me ​

​If I didn’t have you,​About the world, you see,​

​while it’s here​more beautiful and ​now​

​I really don’t what I’d do,​

​things,​Enjoy your birthday ​

​all the world​forgotten, I’m thanking you ​

​and companion too,​

​me lots of ​

Birthday Poem For Mum

​go your way.​A mother’s love makes ​

​If I have ​Who’s my friend ​

​My mother showed ​

​Because it should ​night –​

​thank you?​To the World’s best Mom,​

​be told.​something different​

​restful as the ​Did I ever ​love to you​

​If the truth ​But today is ​

​Warm as noon-day sunshine​

​we’ve shared​And lots of ​was,​

​day​be.​The laughter, smiles, and quiet times ​

​very Happy Birthday, Mom​as she ever ​children through the ​

​a Mother’s love can ​Good judgement, courage, and being true​So have a ​But she’s as sharp ​To help your ​

​like the tide​of hard work,​you do​

​make her old,​you sacrifice​

​Strong and steady ​me the value ​I appreciate all ​She says they ​

​of the year ​sea –​Or for teaching ​

​time to say​birthdays;​For the rest ​

​constant as the ​successes?​I don’t take the ​See, Mom doesn’t like her ​

​true.​ocean​And celebrate my ​

​realize​a tear.​

​wishes all come ​Deep as an ​

​accept my defeats​To make me ​And even shed ​And that your ​

​make.​For helping me ​occasion​

​day she’ll ponder life,​a good one​you don’t want to ​

​deal with life’s stresses​

​It takes this ​And on that ​your birthday is ​Is a mistake​

​For helping me ​arrives​once every year.​

​But I hope ​–​my childhood memories​

​And your birthday ​a birthday,​mean to me​

​in that state ​For all of ​come and go​My mother has ​

​how much you ​stairs​thank you?​

​As the seasons ​her praises loud.​I can’t tell you ​

​’Cause climbing the ​

​Did I ever ​ride​

​And to sing ​made.​

​your shoes.​

​me​A very bumpy ​

​her kids,​

​sacrifices you have ​to take off ​

​you’ve done for ​life would be​

​To know I’m one of ​And all the ​

​Just remember​

​For all that ​I know my ​

​makes me proud,​given me​two –​

​you your due..​my side​And it surely ​

​that you have ​at half past ​Did I give ​Without you by ​

​my mother,​All the help ​come home​

​wondering…​I’d cope​I really love ​you’ve done​

​And when you ​

​I find myself ​I don’t know how ​

​– Wenona Elie​for all that ​and falling down.​

​very happy birthday!​efficient way​much to do.​

​To thank you ​Like getting drunk​Wish you a ​

​In your quiet ​there is so ​opportunity​

​frown –​your dedication,​do​

​you​to take this ​that’d make grandma ​

​Hats off to ​for all you ​happy birthday to ​

​And I want ​So don’t do anything​

​great inspiration,​Thank you Mom ​be so sweet​Today, Mom, is your birthday​

Birthday Poem For Mum

​everyone.​being such a ​to say​

​may your day ​life – your birthday!​to uphold with ​Thanks mom for ​

​I’d really like ​bring you treats,​day of my ​


​Now that it’s your birthday, Mom​May this day ​

​the most important ​I’ve got a ​real value of ​

​Happy Birthday!​of fun.​Is given on ​

​mom –​You taught the ​you belong!​lots of hours ​

​be with you​

​you’re still my ​life,​

​proud to me ​to come​

​My promise to ​But just remember​every meaning in ​

​I am so ​lots of surprises ​


​You taught me ​so much mom,​

​much to do,​

​bind all my ​and start getting ​Happy Birthday​

​I love you ​there is so ​

​the power to ​dance floor​

​than you know.​

​need any reason,​

​you​Her love has ​Jump on the ​that mean more ​

​It does not ​Happy Birthday to ​concrete presence,​–​

​more things​so selfless,​– Sandra Carlse​An incredible and ​

​and head downtown ​And for many ​But, your love is ​Happy Birthday Mum​

​no rival.​your glad rags​show ..​season,​

​just for you.​Her love knows ​So dust of ​

​that you always ​People change with ​For a birthday ​given angel.​done.​

​and kindness​time,​

​love and wishes​birthday of God ​

​they’ll still get ​For the caring ​

​People change with ​It’s sent with ​

​Today is the ​chores​be measured.​

​you in particular​will come true​

​– Martin Dejnicki​Forget all those ​that could never ​

​happy birthday, mother I cherish ​With all that ​Internal wealth.​

​fun –​reasons​Wish you a ​

​is special​Happiness and health,​and have some ​

​For so many ​to appear​

​This birthday wish ​toast.​hair down​

​and treasured ..​you, I don’t know how ​day for you.​

​With this little ​So let your ​who is loved ​

​My regard for ​For a wonderful ​

​the most,​Day​

​Mom​the planet, I know​shinning down​

​I wish her ​Have a Wonderful ​

​You’re a wonderful ​best mother on ​The rays are ​

​transform.​life for me!​

​brings.​You are the ​breaking through​Our hearts will ​

​as you’ve made my ​the joy she ​

​until now​

​The sun is ​warm,​

​you, Mother​

​inspired, and for all ​

​never come up ​

​the air​Her smile so ​

​As happy for ​She’s supported, encouraged​

​Without you, I would have ​

​Spring is in ​bouquet.​


​For the way ​demigod​– Diane Hannah​With a birthday ​

​will always be ​for many, many things ..​Mother, you are a ​

​Happy Birthday Mother​day,​that your life ​

​special way​stormy​oh so caring​Today is her ​

​thought, I’m wishing​loved in a ​when waters were ​Always warm and ​A beautiful mind.​

Birthday Poem For Mum

​And with every ​A Mom is ​Who clutched me ​sharing​

​Gentle and kind,​your love.​Happy Birthday Mom​

​mom​thoughtful kind and ​above.​

​your sweetness and ​cheer.​a stay called ​

​You are so ​She came from ​your thoughtfulness,​

​spread your happy ​If not for ​day​love,​

​Your kindness and ​go around and ​destroyed for good​on your special ​

​My mother I ​

​of –​May you always ​

​Would have been ​Just for you ​– Henry Van Dyke​

​that I’m not reminded ​very dear,​my youth​

​on the way​earth and heaven.​day that passes​a person so ​

​The ship of ​With special wishes ​Her due reward,–bless her in ​

​ But there’s not a ​Happy Birthday to ​in the world​

​and so sincere​But Thou, love’s Lord, wilt not forget​dear.​

​So a very ​the best mother ​full of love ​

​has given;​that make you ​us and play.​

​Happy birthday to ​With a heart ​love that she ​

​all the things ​to dance with ​

​mother​very dear​For all the ​

​granted​time you come ​

​can give a ​mother who is ​

​my debt​to take for ​

​so happy each ​kisses a child ​

​You are a ​I cannot pay ​

​I may seem ​You make us ​

​the hugs and ​after.​

​peace divine.​here –​say,​

​You deserve all ​and every day ​

​Life’s winding way, lead her in ​like this is ​be enough to ​

​can thrive unencumbered​


​may not understand​

​till a day ​

​special to us, words will never ​So that I ​

​And for caring ​

​And though she ​

​my thought unspoken​

​You are so ​


​and laughter –​

​hand held mine;​I may leave ​also our afternoons,​my worries and ​

​of good times ​As once her ​– Karl Fuchs​

​our mornings and ​And you allay ​home, a place​

​the hand,​And happiness abound.​You brighten up ​

​bear any​For making a ​Ah, hold her by ​

​good times multiply,​the moon,​don’t have to ​beyond measure.​

​mothers use.​May all your ​and calmer than ​

​So that I ​with a love ​such as kind ​

​pass around.​than the sunshine ​

​your own​pleasure​

​A comfort bring ​

​Just like you ​You are brighter ​

​sorrows and pain ​

​For giving such ​


​Mother!​You make my ​

​much –​

​In anything, let Thy wise ​I wish you ​

​My dear loving ​for your own​

​and sharing so ​Thou must refuse​

​On your birthday ​you —​provide and care ​

​hard​And even if ​

​and sad.​just for being ​So do you ​

​For working so ​fulfill;​In happy times ​

​God bless you ​its branches​


​Her every wish ​with me,​any other,​

​sustains and nourishes ​– Shelagh E Osborn ​

​away.​you taught are ​

​And more than ​As a vine ​sing ‘Happy Birthday, Mum’!​

​and troubles fade ​For the things ​and love,​

​Because, Mom, I love you!​those gorgeous flowers​Feel fears depart ​

​good and bad,​

​for your warm ​

​happiness,​Whatever may come,​


​In times both ​God bless you ​

​be filled with ​

​Sun or showers,​

​heart, on Thee at ​

​about you,​

​things you do.​

​May your life ​

​flowers.​So let her ​

​I always think ​And all the ​

​dreams come true;​

​to embellish the ​

​content I lay,​me.​

​are​That all your ​

​green​Fearless and well ​you mean to ​

Birthday Poem For Mum

​loving things you ​wish,​their leaves turn ​

​her breast​And how much ​For all the ​

​send this birthday ​a refreshing shower,​As once upon ​

​mom you’ve always been,​all year through,​That’s why I ​


​comes from Thee.​What a great ​And each day ​

​It’s true, indubitably!​When clouds bring ​

​of Life that ​

​can see,​on your birthday,​

​that’s good;​fun!​

​The deepening glow ​I hope everyone ​

​God bless you ​strong and all ​to enjoy the ​

​day,​Happy birthday, Mom!​

​Happy birthday!​

​You’re smart and ​faces​

​know, from day to ​day!​

​to you.​Especially for me;​

​They turn their ​And may she ​

​Stay blessed this ​Come instantly back ​

​a lot​the Sun.​

​to me;​lovely birthday,​

​karma you deserve,​Mom, your birthday means ​

​glad to see ​

​gift of life ​

​Wish you a ​May the good ​

​birthday to you!​The plants are ​

​Who gave the ​

​From my side,​ones come true,​A very happy ​

​Happy Birthday Mommy, with Love!​Protect her life, I pray,​bow,​

​So your wildest ​In my life,​

​more than anything!​birthday prayer.​So, please take a ​

​be aplenty,​have you,​Mommy, you’re loved​

​I make this ​


​May your dreams ​super blessed to ​–​

​Mother most dear ​

​the best you ​of your wealth.​

​And I am ​a tire swing ​

​own​Coz you are ​

​The very least ​God’s chosen few,​

​Cotton candy​hear, while for my ​

​day of yours,​gold galore,​Because you are ​

​or chocolate malts.​And Thou wilt ​

​On this special ​May you possess ​one like you,​

​Piggy-back rides​

​tender care:​

​cheer,​Filled with joy, wonder and health,​Mom, there is no ​

​or somersaults –​A mother’s love and ​

​Let’s celebrate and ​a rich, long life,​

​is so pure,​

​gum​Lord Jesus, Thou hast known​

​my mommy dear,​May you live ​

​That your love ​More than bubble ​

​a great, grand birthday.​

​Happy birthday to ​Happy birthday mom!​

​know for sure,​extend.​Wishing for you ​

​the most too…​thank but you​One thing I ​

​I shall always ​can never repay,​

​who loves you ​one else to ​old and new,​

​you,​given me I ​

​From your child ​There is no ​

​Each loving memory ​My love for ​

​Mom what you ​you,​to the zoo​


​for a lovelier ​toys to trips ​I spend with ​

​my mother and ​and more I ​

​Gentle birthday wishes ​From the expensive ​

​each moment that ​

​Happy birthday,​grateful to you ​few tears adrift.​

​changing my nappy​Each day and ​

​to acquire.​I am so ​love and a ​

​to school to ​day!​

​that I hope ​a superb childhood,​

​Wrapped with my ​From sending me ​

​Have a super ​many great traits,​

​You gave me ​a gift,​keep me happy​

​lovely birthday,​You have so ​care.​

​Mom, on your birthday, I send you ​Working hard, making sacrifices to ​

​Wish you a ​or desire.​

​much affection and ​to find.​be a wife, mother, worker and cook​

On Your Birthday Dear Mom!

​survive,​beyond any dream ​Thanks for so ​
​is elsewhere tough ​For you to ​I really cannot ​
​Wishing you happiness,​you is very, very rare,​
​And their love ​took​Mom, without you,​of wealth.​
​A mother like ​birthday​
​the sacrifice it ​Of my life,​is the greatest ​God bless you!​

Special Birthday Wishes to Mom

​Moms are special, moms are kind,​
​And came into ​Always play in ​chance to treat ​
​It will make ​out for dinner ​
​I would also ​poem​for you​
​The softest corner ​Regardless of how ​me with all ​
​You always hugged ​Your attitude towards ​Your love for ​

To Mom My Dear

​In my life, both virtual and ​Mom, I just want ​
​You have always ​Read me as ​
​Our mommy is ​Our mommy is ​
​the most beautiful​27) Our mommy is ​At your service, at your command​
​in every way​be that day​
​26) Sometimes we take ​
​All combined into ​away​
​Are you a ​perhaps​

Great Mom

​my own daughter​
​ever​She is also ​
​up I want ​I feel lucky ​
​giving to your ​on your skin​radiates from within​

​It always feels ​It was you​
​And all the ​Happy birthday mom​
​toys to trips ​keep me happy​the sacrifice it ​
​so young​Like you there ​

​Who tolerated me ​to you​you​
​You melt my ​19) Fresh like a ​
​remain indebted to ​You taught me ​
​step up and ​

​can see​

Dearest Mother

​and wonder how ​Exceptional​
​Motivational​with all our ​us day and ​
​Whose motherly concern ​woman​Here’s to the ​
​16) Here’s to the ​super woman, the person I ​through, year after year​

Birthday Poem For Mum

​Without you, our family would ​is so much ​
​My mother too ​15) Mothers are darlings, they can heal ​
​After all, she is the ​through my teens​
​Nothing can compare ​shed a tear ​

​ Her love and ​Growing up under ​
​memories​I would need ​Happy birthday​
​Make the most ​I’ll do, as you say​
​For you, there can never ​at those days​

​single mother​asked for, ever​

It’s Your Birthday Mom

​where, the money would ​awesome​
​your magical touch​My respect for ​
​never come so ​to me when ​
​Would have been ​great childhood​

​and tough decisions​is not easy ​
​Virtues I picked ​be​
​a lot to ​angel in disguise​
​a mom, but also a ​of work, so thankless​

​days and late ​
​9) All the difficult ​But to say ​
​birthday of a ​Are all here ​
​granted most of ​ Who tolerates me ​

​special message​
​than the rest​To the mother ​
​whose warmth is ​

​7) Happy birthday…​the ultimate balm​
​worries, your love has ​to others​
​Happy Birthday Mom​
​forgotten thing​The world wouldn’t be round​

​Happy birthday​today let’s take a ​
​How you have ​been hugged and ​
​know exists​
​one of life’s treasure​But a woman ​

My Wonderful Mother On Her Birthday

​life​that it must ​
​For all the ​can give back ​
​We are always ​Don’t think that ​
​I can image ​work a lot ​

​Happy birthday​
​There is no ​endless sea​
​the strong roots​You are not ​
​mom and a ​the ropes of ​

​mom and save ​

Mom You Are So Special

​wings and fly ​poem of Birthday ​have only one ​
​appreciation for that ​verses here are ​
​More Short Poems ​Be happy not ​
​have won!​and positive​

​we could be.​do appreciate​
​Our dreams old ​Has made our ​
​Happy Birthday to​too!​
​A Happy Birthday ​what you'll teach.​
​Or, you just go ​in your pajamas​

​Be happy to ​

Happy Birthday, Mom!

​a day to ​
​and cheer​For that we ​
​You nothing but ​up and help ​
​there to dry ​
​did.​our spirits that's true​
​You made us ​
​To us you ​
​You we adore​that soars.​
​way.​When we think ​
​The day on ​you do​
​This day is ​

​who is one ​

My Loving Mother

​day you take ​my Mom.​
​you see​a flower​
​to be the ​To represent how ​
​I said or ​millions of flowers​

​That you gave ​birthday.​
​• Many happy returns ​Especially one that ​
​things that you ​A very special ​
​Because of you, we are blessed.​we can come ​

​you, no other!​
​is true​So birthday wishes ​
​and understand​did.​
​I should have ​you for all ​

​how much we ​
​But you always ​and wish you ​

​Happy Birthday, Mom!​compares​
​say you have ​and understood.​
​you are so ​inspiration.​
​• You love, you encourage and ​We just want ​

You Burn Like Candle

​You are always ​in the coming ​You, my Mom, are one of ​
​in our lives ​Mother thank you ​You deserve so ​
​things you did ​to say​We think you ​Let others wait ​
​were born​fun​We love you ​
​You keep us ​much more​special, like no other​blessings you are ​
​We hope you ​So happy, happy birthday to ​We feel you ​any dishes​
​you is this​To everyone and ​express​
​Moms but we ​to describe unconditional ​
​is certainly a ​mother has for ​
​they have done ​verses to express ​

A Birthday Poem for Mother

​Today on your ​unconditional love​
​me,​This is my ​today​
​I’ll take you ​heart-warming speech​
​lovingly write a ​my birthday treat ​have​I go​
​You always loved ​or cried​happy or sad​
​a Monday​You are trending​

A Prayer for a Mother’s Birthday

​loyal follower​
​best friend​28) Mom you can​
​never wrong​the best food​Our mommy is ​
​Happy birthday​As we, along with dad, spoil you silly​to pamper you ​

​not going to ​
​Happy birthday​An angel, genie, magician, fairy​Troubles just wither ​
​life’s traps​Or a genie ​When I have ​
​In my life, not now or ​She is kind, sweet and beautiful​24) When I grow ​

​face​Which you keep ​
​angel like aura ​Because your beauty ​
​around​All along​All the toys​
​thank but you​From the expensive ​Working hard, making sacrifices to ​

​21) I can’t even imagine ​year you look ​
​world to me, mother​woman happy​
​20) Writing an ode ​If not for ​
​Whenever you smile​can do​I will always ​

​always the best​After every failure, you made me ​
​for me, your sacrifices I ​18) I often sit ​
​As a mother, you have been​Your reassuring smile, is​
​Who we love ​Who looks after ​

​woman​Here’s to the ​
​day​you​You are my ​
​pull us all ​
​confess​reason my life ​


Special Mom

​Happy birthday​respect her​
​passively nurtured me ​wonderful years​
​While writing, I would probably ​

​paper​all the precious ​
​my mom​over​
​a year​day​
​wings​I look back ​

​As a working ​To anything I ​
​Without knowing from ​my birthdays were ​
​taken shape, all because of ​
​the world, I know​

​Without you, I would have ​

God Gave Me An Angel

​Who held on ​my childhood​give me a ​
​taken many sacrifices ​I’m sure it ​
​and honest​grow up to ​
​children’s upbringing has ​Mom, you are an ​Being not just ​All the years ​
​All the long ​Happy birthday ma​
​do​To celebrate the ​of friends​take her for ​

All You’ve Done

​lot of courage​
​8) This is a ​who is better ​her family​
​To the mother ​whose love never ​my mom​
​life’s pain, you have been ​For all my ​melts, to give light ​
​you​Love, would be a ​in a storm​
​have given us​On your birthday ​wild​
​I know, because I have ​selfless love I ​around her is ​
​a mother​So today, we celebrate your ​But we realize ​

A Time for Renewal

​in return​So that we ​everything you do​
​sore​your family​But I’m sure you ​
​entire world, you see​mean to me​
​You are the ​ 2) You would be ​
​you are​To be a ​
​As I learn ​To be a ​
​As I grow ​sending her a ​
​is we all ​express love and ​

Unconditional Love

​We hope the ​Happy Birthday, Ma!​
​and passage​our Mom we ​Nothing but praise ​
​be the best ​Oh, in you we ​
​to pursue​each day​

​day​and cherish you ​
​celebrate​the kids and ​dramas​
​you can lounge ​seem to multiply​• Mom, a birthday is ​
​candles make a ​day to celebrate ​person could have​

​wish​To pick us ​You were always ​
​all that you ​
​You picked up ​sad​and bright​
​• Love you more​We wish happiness ​close in any ​

Your Birthday Gift

​even measures​the Number One ​
​is far from ​an anniversary​appreciation for all ​
​will find.​You're the Mom ​
​• Today is the ​because you are ​

​in my life ​birthday here is ​
​Has allowed me ​millions of flowers​
​No matter what ​I would need ​hours and hours​
​on this your ​best, the most!​a cake​

​For all the ​make​happiness​
​know​as special as ​so much that ​

​are exceptional.​

Greatest Mom

​You always listen ​things that you ​
​How many times ​
​we say thank ​enough​
​and wish you ​special day of ​

​we did or ​
​Mom, we love you ​shared.​
​other mother who ​We want to ​

​You always cared ​Remind us that ​
​Happy Birthday, Mom, you are our ​
​be the brightest.​birthday​
​a sheen​to shine brightly ​


Happy Birthday

​• There are people ​
​have in store​a fuss!​
​For all the ​we just want ​

​day that you ​
​laughter and your ​one​
​You Mom, we all adore​You deserve so ​
​As you are ​• I count my ​

​that caring touch.​us so much​
​And not do ​Our wish for ​
​happiness​• Words can never ​

​appreciation for our ​ever a word ​
​Mother was born ​love that a ​
​rarely see all ​with your Mother. Short poems and ​
​happiness in every ​up above.​

​You showed me ​
​have done for ​grown up now​
​and pamper you ​an awesome gift​
​A short but ​First I will ​

​30) To carry off ​
​You will always ​up, no matter where ​
​good or bad​Whether I laughed ​
​Whether you were ​a Sunday or ​

How Much Are You Loved?

​snuggle​I am your ​
​You are my ​
​Happy birthday​
​Our mommy is ​

​Our mommy makes ​
​the prettiest​much, mommy​
​We are going ​

​But today is ​

Flowers For Mum

​Mommy​Maybe you are​in disguise​
​To all of ​angel​
​kind of person​her place​
​mommy​Happy birthday​
​I see your ​
​youthfulness​You have an ​
​23) Age can’t touch you​Whenever you are ​

​I knew​
​one else to ​
​changing my nappy​

​be a wife, mother, worker and cook​Happy birthday​

For You Mommy, Happy Birthday

​With every passing ​You are my ​
​To make that ​Happy birthday​
​The word selfless​tart​
​the least I ​the rest​

​that I was ​me fly​
​All your dreams ​Happy birthday​
​Inspirational​17) Dear Mom…​

A Birthday Wish For Mother

​Here’s to the ​every possible way​feel special every ​
​happy birthday to ​near​How did you ​
​today let me ​She is the ​
​caring and generous, never rude or ​my dreams​how much I ​
​Her constant love ​on all those ​my fears​
​part of my ​a piece of ​

​I’d pull out ​

​few words for ​

Spring Is In The Air

​In 24 hours, it’ll all be ​Birthdays come once ​
​13) Mommy, today is your ​up under your ​
​more mature​that​
​say no​parties​

​You made sure ​My life has ​
​best mom in ​rock star​
​anchor called mommy​11) The ship of ​
​taken you to ​It must have ​


​to be kind ​

Happy Birthday To You

​of people they ​10) I believe that ​
​than tough​All things mundane, rut of life​
​wrong and rights​compromises​
​you​more left to ​
​with the prep, food and wine​and the best ​
​Even though I ​heart and a ​
​the best​To the mother ​
​who lives for ​so caring​

​To the mother ​

Happy Birthday Mom

​who is also ​For all my ​
​secure​Which burns and ​
​None of this, if not for ​Spring wouldn’t be spring​
​Life, be buried deep ​of laughs you ​

​created a fuss​was naught and ​
​for her child​
​of true and ​That just being ​
​a wife and ​happy and glad​

​and dad​don’t expect anything ​
​love​We all appreciated ​
​day, you may feel ​and looking after ​than dad​
​You are my ​How much you ​

​In my life’s horizon​Happy birthday​The wonderful woman ​
​sacrifices you make​
​mature​it takes​older​
​is loved by ​common and that ​

​to your Mom; we hope they ​Grandma Poems​
​you!​Life carries time ​
​With you as ​to give​
​Encouraging us to ​outstanding traits​You encouraged us ​

​give to us ​wished for your ​
​We love you ​
​And, we can't wait to ​Don't worry about ​
​all your TV ​On this day ​

​The years they ​

​is finished!​

A Mother Is So Many Things

​Blow out the ​• This is the ​
​best Mom a ​birthday we do ​
​the time​had fears​
​We never realized ​were blue​

​When we were ​always so cheery ​
​We couldn't pick another!​more​No one comes ​
​No one else ​Happy Birthday to ​
​A day that ​

​• A birthday is ​And thanks and ​
​and sunshine you ​some cake​
​happiness.​• Life is better ​
​You have been ​So on this ​

​showed me​I would need ​
​showered​become somebody.​
​For all the ​you Mom,​
​You deserve the ​much more than ​

​you to you​
​I wanted to ​

​Wishing you much ​

Don’t Forget

​us we always ​There is none ​I love you ​
​Mom, I think you ​a hand​
​For all the ​never realized.​
​special day​• We don't tell you ​

​We thank you ​So on this ​
​No matter what ​nuts to some ​
​you this day​the things you ​There is no ​
​bright​of our childhood​year​

​do without you?​May your birthday ​
​So on this ​You give everything ​you continue​
​how we should ​from above.​
​for you we ​show you with ​every day​

​• On this birthday ​• You taught us ​kick up your ​
​So on this ​We love your ​
​In our books, you are number ​fan​say!​
​God each day​Mom, you're the best, there's no another.​for no better ​

​You always have ​

​You have given ​holiday​
​birthday​Mother, you bring such ​these poems.​
​ever express our ​celebrated and recognized. If there was ​the day your ​
​the sacrifices and ​people and we ​poems for Mom ​
​a lot of ​
​an angel from ​
​eyes to see.​All that you ​
​After all, I am all ​Let me spoil ​
​After giving you ​greeting card​

​be really hard​Happy birthday mom​apart​As I grow ​
​Whether times were ​been flippant​
​been constant​29) Whether it was ​
​Happy birthday, wish a cute ​Whatever is best​
​a book​in our life’s song​
​bad mood​warmer than wool​
​Our mommy is ​love you so ​and enjoy the ​
​to awesome gifts​
​granted​Beautiful person called ​

​in your eyes​Or a fairy ​
​have answers​
​25) Are you an ​be exactly that ​Nothing can take ​
​Exactly like my ​
​in my destiny​Every day when ​reason for your ​
​beautiful​Happy birthday​
​Thanks for everything​It wasn’t Santa​In my Christmas ​
​There is no ​

​to school to ​For you to ​family’s hero unsung​
​other​baby​I could do​
​be a mess​You personify​Soft like a ​
​On your birthday, giving thanks is ​goals and forget ​You made sure ​
​wings and made ​surrender​Unconditional​
​live your life, is​Happy birthday mom​
​Here’s to the ​Here’s to the ​truly endless​Who pampers in ​Who makes us ​
​Here’s wishing a ​and anger come ​mess​

​On your birthday ​of a woman​
​They are always ​flight to all ​
​enough to describe ​presence​I’d also smile, giggle and reflect ​
​get over all ​been the best ​down happily on ​
​my heart’s deepest corner​to write a ​
​Because this, is one-time offer​Until you, are happy​Happy birthday ma​
​to have grown ​am older and ​you did all ​
​Not once, did you ever ​cool gifts and ​a child​

​to show​You are the ​Mom, you are a ​

​If it weren’t for an ​biggest inspiration​
​it must have ​a good example​
​my very own ​I consider myself ​
​With the kind ​Happy Birthday​
​For being stronger ​and unwanted stress​
​Tolerating all my ​All the unwanted ​great mom like ​
​There is nothing ​

​A helping hand ​
​Your closest family ​near​
​with a big ​whose hugs are ​us happy​
​To the mother ​who is always ​

​who never tires​my best friend ​
​cure​felt safe and ​
​you are, dear mother​blue​
​found​longer be warm​

​The endless amounts ​even when we ​
​Even when I ​a mother has ​
​4) The only type ​and so loving​
​is not just ​To keep everyone ​

​do for us ​We know you ​
​to show our ​going unnoticed​
​end of a ​Juggling your job ​
​you earn more ​love for you​

​to convey​
​a tree​The family’s brightest star​
​Here’s to​
​I see the ​
​As I become ​I see what ​
​1) As I get ​how much she ​
​one thing in ​express your wishes ​
​Also Like:​Because we love ​your age​

​for all you've done​birthday we want ​
​key​You have such ​every way​
​• The example you ​are​you​
​to say you're great​beach​time to watch ​
​day arrive.​Don't clean up, just be crazy!​

​cake until it ​passing another year​
​glad.​You are the ​
​So on this ​You always made ​
​times when we ​kids​

​And when we ​delight​
​• Mom you are ​the best Mother​Happy Birthday and ​

​say​treasure​who is extraordinary!​
​born​But Mom, we think you're a dear.​
​you​We hope love ​Celebrate and have ​
​be filled with ​glee!​
​a tower​

​be.​The example you ​For me, you always bid.​
​love you always ​To help me ​millions of flowers​
​Are sent to ​
​So to you, my dear Mom, I do toast​You deserve so ​To say thank ​

​• On this birthday ​open arms.​life throws at ​
​Mother​you​always unconditional​
​there to lend ​For being unappreciative​• Growing up I ​Mom on this ​
​only the best.​year does occur​

​us patience instead.​affectionately​• Over the years, we drove you ​
​are sent to ​you did and ​light​
​candles burn so ​With loving memories ​
​the cake each ​What would we ​We think you're the best​

​You always care.​• You cook, you clean​
​Happy Birthday may ​

​shining examples of ​You're an angel ​
​So a party ​We want to ​more each and ​
​Happy Birthday Mom​You're the best, you're so sweet.​
​sit back and ​thoughtful caring ways.​
​every day​big clan.​
​and our biggest ​

​Birthday I do ​and I thank ​valued​
​We can ask ​heaven above​love​
​it like a ​Now on this ​eel about you​
​do so in ​be "Mother". No poems can ​needs to be ​The anniversary of ​
​adults and realize ​for Mom. Mothers are special ​

​Share these birthday ​I promise you ​my life like ​
​front of my ​you, mommy​
​me really happy​at night​
​write​On a beautiful ​Is going to ​
​in my heart​far we are ​your might​
​me tight​me has never ​me has always ​

​to say​shared with me​
​if I were ​
​the best note ​never in a ​
​Our mommy’s love is ​the strongest​
​Just because we ​Just sit back ​
​From sweet greetings ​your presence for ​
​one​When I look ​
​magician​You seem to ​
​Happy birthday mom​

​I want to ​loving and pretty​
​to be​to have you ​
​family​ Love is the ​Mom, you are timelessly ​
​like spring​Thanks mommy​
​clothing​22) All the gifts​to the zoo​
​From sending me ​took​
​You are the ​could be no ​as a cry ​
​Is the least ​My life would ​

​heart​daisy​you​to focus on ​
​try​You gave me ​you chose to ​
​Your love, has truly been​The way you ​might​night​
​is limitless​Whose love is ​woman​woman​look up to​
​Without letting sorrow ​have been a ​fun​is a gem ​
​all hurt​one who gave ​Nothing can be ​to her protective ​
​or two​

​patience helped me ​her wings has ​And jot them ​
​to dig in ​
​14) If I had ​while its here​
​Whatever, is your fancy​be enough praise​I feel blessed ​
​Now that I ​I can’t imagine how ​
​come​I kept expecting ​
​12) When I was ​you, I don’t know how ​
​far​waters were stormy​
​wrecked for good​Happy birthday mom, you are my ​
​I realize what ​to always set ​
​up by observing ​I know because ​
​do​You, are my life’s biggest prize​

​All the trouble ​nights​sacrifices​
​cheers to a ​mother so fine​to lend​
​the year​and holds me ​For a person ​
​To the mother ​who always keeps ​
​never-ending​To the mother ​

​To the mother ​Happy birthday to ​
​been the ultimate ​In your warmth, I have always ​
​6) Like a candle ​The skies wouldn’t be so ​Happiness, would nowhere be ​
​5) Hearts would no ​moment to celebrate​
​cared for us ​cuddled​
​Is the one ​Happy birthday mom​
​who is beautiful ​A woman who ​
​take superhuman strength​hard work you ​
​bit by bit, to you​looking for ways ​your efforts are ​
​how at the ​
​more​3) I don’t know if ​
​limit to my ​Mom, I don’t know how ​
​If I were ​just my mom​wife​
​life​the day​
​away​wishes.​Mother. Let her know ​special woman! We all have ​
​ones that will ​
​& Quotes You May ​

​sad or blue​• Don't worry about ​
​Thank you Mom ​So on this ​Our success, you were the ​
​and some new.​lives better in ​A Great woman!​
​• Sunshine and happiness ​we wish for ​We all want ​
​walk on the ​And take the ​
​see your big ​be lazy​
​Then eat the ​Mom you are ​are all so ​
​happiness​us climb.​
​our tears​And during the ​When we were ​
​feel glad.​gave so much ​
​Happy Birthday, Mom!​Mom you are ​We wish you ​of you we ​
​• Mother, you are our ​For a woman ​
​which you were ​

​Another anniversary, another year​a celebration for ​
​of a kind​a break​May your day ​
​Happy Birthday, Mom, I say with ​To represent what ​
​best I could ​you empowered​did​
​To represent the ​to me​• I would need ​
​of the day​I would bake​

​birthday cake​Happy Birthday, Mother​home to your ​• No matter what ​
​Happy happy birthday ​are sent to ​You love was ​
​You were always ​apologized​you do.​
​appreciate you​Because you deserve ​Which once a ​
​You always showed ​loved us so ​a Happy Birthday!​
​• Many happy returns ​For the things ​been a shining ​So as these ​

​dear.​The candles on ​
​you inspire.​to say​there​
​year.​them.​who are​
​for your love​much more​for us​We love you ​
​are swell​on you - adorn​We hope you ​
​We love your ​more each and ​together as one ​
​You are encouraging ​A very Happy ​our Mom​
​know you are ​you​are sent from ​
​We appreciate your ​May you treat ​all you do.​
​How I f​have attempted to ​love it would ​

​special one that ​
​her children.​​until we are ​​appreciation and love ​