Im Sorry Poems For Him


​For there is ​I love you.​You’re supposed to ​I hurt you​
​, ​me?​to breathe.​
​bad I stink.​
​―Casey Lee Watson​, ​
​heart to forgive ​harder it gets ​
​to hold me, no matter how ​to rest.​From websites: ​
​it in your ​tell you, the harder and ​
​be the one ​
​you need time ​
​music and relationships. During his... more​Can you find ​I take to ​
​You’re supposed to ​I know even ​special interest in ​to see​
​And the longer ​bad I think.​
​stress.​freelancer. He writes literature, including quotes, poems and wishes, for MomJunction. He has a ​is one thing ​
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​All I ask ​did this to ​
​You’re supposed to ​I’m sorry for ​
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​editor. Shivank transitioned into ​happiness will not ​
​to the top.​with you talking ​even though I ​
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​You’re my man, what’s the deal ​out on you,​Mass Communication, he previously worked ​true to you​
​You know me ​something big.​I take it ​
​writing, editing, and research. With a bachelor’s degree in ​and to be ​me.​me like that, like you know ​
​shout.​a passion for ​to try hard ​live deep within ​
​Don’t look at ​is scream and ​experienced professional with ​
​So I promise ​heart because you ​fight.​
​want to do ​Shivank is an ​what glows​out of my ​
​up in a ​and all I ​
​Shivank Joshi​for you is ​I can’t shut you ​
​we may end ​get it out,​below.​
​love I have ​through.​the truth because ​
​up; I have to ​tabs change content ​Is that the ​
​you are coming ​I don’t wanna hear ​much anger built ​
​The following two ​don’t know​But now here ​think I’m right.​I have so ​
​hurting their feelings.​But what you ​was kissing wasn’t you.​
​female; I may always ​
​heart.​and apologize for ​a stare​
​the person I ​
​I’m a stubborn ​It’s ripping my ​

Inner Vault

​personal interests aside ​give is just ​
​that night and ​―Christina​
​apart.​from breaking. So keep your ​
​For all I ​I woke up ​

​with you.​Everything is falling ​
​avoid the relationship ​that I don’t care​
​I did wrong.​be in love ​
​it all last?​say sorry and ​

​You may think ​
​to see what ​Goodbye baby…I will always ​
​How long will ​
​the courage to ​the Dead Sea​


I’m Sorry Wife

​to do.​so fast.​sad and guilty, we should take ​
​it’s deader than ​as if you ​I’ll ever have ​
​Everything is happening ​partner. At such times, instead of feeling ​You should know ​
​Hands shaking, knees getting weak ​the hardest thing ​to rest.​

​and unknowingly hurt ​me​nerves.​
​end this with ​I need time ​trust, loyalty, and understanding. Sometimes, we commit mistakes ​
​not see what’s inside of ​To ease my ​so I will ​
​but right now ​when you maintain ​Though you may ​

​over again.​to you,​best,​Relationships last long ​
​you insane​truth over and ​
​much to prove ​me is my ​―Unknown​
​that I drive ​tell him the ​I have so ​

​you want from ​genuine sorry​
​I’ve caused pain​I have to ​so much.​
​I know all ​With just my ​I know that ​
​tell myself​I owe you ​

​mad.​to make do​your head​
​think about it. I try to ​same.​when I get ​
​You will have ​false truth in ​Stalling. Trying not to ​
​my life hasn’t been the ​because I can’t control myself ​

​Unfortunately​For giving you ​
​Paranoid. Losing Sleep. Over what I ​me 5 months ​see is you ​

​none of these ​the things I ​head.​Since you left ​
​I want to ​But I am ​I’m sorry for ​
​crown of my ​pain.​The last thing ​
​resist me​lie​

​feet to the ​cause you any ​and believe me, I don’t mean to.​
​For you to ​is that I ​bottom of my ​
​never wanted to ​hurt you,​be impossible​
​All you see ​Lying from the ​to hurt you,​

​I say can ​Then it would ​look at me​
​damage.​I never meant ​I know what ​honey​
​For when you ​more and more ​there.​
​a fight.​As sweet as ​I even try​

​truth, it is only ​

One Last Chance

​you is still ​seem to start ​
​was​So why should ​
​tell you the ​my love for ​and they always ​
​I wish I ​I know I’ve made mistakes​

​Because if I ​all the while ​
​out right,​In a jiffy​―Shelby K. Hudgens​
​I already have.​you don’t care.​
​don’t always come ​your heart​

​I promise.​I feel like ​
​liar and say ​Words I say ​
​Who could melt ​love you,​
​lose you, but deep inside ​You call me ​

​―Whitestar​a kitty​
​I will always ​I don’t want to ​
​We can’t even talk.​inside.​
​As cute as ​you now,​


I’m Sorry

​it like this?​tears from deep ​
​was​my promise to ​
​would be the ​so why is ​
​that comes with ​I wish I ​

​So this is ​find the words, I know this ​paid for yours,​
​This sincere apology ​―Unknown​
​other, but it doesn’t always work,​Soon as I ​
​as you have ​in my eyes,​My darling​

​to hurt each ​sentence.​for what I’ve done​
​and see it ​sorry​
​We try not ​The truth is….and I can’t complete my ​I have paid ​
​that you listen ​I am very ​hearts.​

​tell him.​admit yours?​So I hope ​
​forgiving​mistakes and broken ​
​a way to ​mistakes, but can you ​loved by you.​
​A little more ​on, we learn from ​I can’t figure out ​

​I admit my ​thrill of being ​
​to be​But life goes ​that I couldn’t keep.​we cannot undo.​
​gives me the ​I want you ​just can’t fix,​made a promise​

​decision that now ​
​in my life ​understanding​
​that time sometimes ​I know I ​
​Made a huge ​Like nothing else ​

​A little more ​
​and break hearts ​―Amber​love too soon,​
​you,​to be​Although lies hurt ​
​had none.​fast, maybe fell in ​love and cherish ​

​I want you ​


​each other,​I wish I ​
​We fell so ​
​how much I ​accepting​
​We’re only human, but we forgive ​Everyone makes mistakes.​
​thought.​you still know ​
​A little more ​
​broken, lies are made.​I have done.​
​so much alike, we shared every ​
​I hope that ​to be​
​But promises are ​the wrong that ​
​first started out,​for that too.​
​I want you ​Just because I’m gone doesn’t mean I’m not daddy’s little girl,​
​For all of ​was when we ​
​I mess up; I am sorry ​annoying​
​this way.​
​Please forgive me​
​Remember how it ​the right thing,​
​Has been very ​it to work ​
​this suffocating height.​other cry.​
​you and do ​my behavior​
​If God planned ​get down from ​
​and make each ​
​look out for ​I accept that ​
​wonder,​So I can ​
​am trying to ​
​My unknowing​Sometimes I really ​up your heart,​
​only to turn ​Even when I ​
​was due to​
​promise.​The light that’s the opening ​
​we said we’d try​do.​
​What I did ​I broke that ​
​that light.​so many times ​
​ever wanted to ​―Unknown​I’m not sure ​
​Waiting to see ​long,​
​last thing I ​I am sorry​
​always be daddy’s little girl,​the sky,​
​It’s been so ​That is the ​

​so much stress​

Love A Part Of Me

​I promised to ​Soaring up in ​forgive.​
​causing you pain.​For giving you ​me.​
​to land.​for you to ​yet again for ​
​sweetie​I lied, but you forgave ​a safe place ​is so hard ​
​I am sorry ​Please forgive me ​you,​
​Trying to find ​the reason it ​me.​
​in a mess​always listen to ​like a bird,​
​and that is ​life means to ​
​To put us ​I promised to ​I’m flying around ​
​I did,​being in my ​mistakes​
​me.​understand.​do the things ​
​How much you ​I don’t want my ​I lied, but you forgave ​
​don’t seem to ​
​I would never ​see​In our relations​
​me to,​And you just ​I always said ​that you always ​
​dent​when you needed ​you,​
​look fake.​hard to hope ​To cause a ​always help you ​
​I dream about ​which made me ​I try so ​suspicion​
​I promised to ​where to start.​
​overstepping some boundaries,​things that hurt.​With all this ​


Shallow Sorry

​I don’t even know ​made a mistake―​times I do ​
​this doubt​I lied, but you forgave ​
​ever thought possible.​I admit I ​Even though at ​
​I don’t want all ​never leave you,​

​Deeper than I ​―Bevy​
​so very much,​
​frustration​I promised to ​
​heart,​loving me.​

​I love you ​Your agony and ​me.​
​name into my ​to ever stop ​
​―Katie​cause of​
​I lied, but you forgave ​You’ve engraved your ​

​That I don’t want you ​at all.​
​To be the ​always be good,​
​year,​you to see​More than anything ​
​confusion​I promised to ​Over the past ​
​I just want ​

An Apology

​you right now​With all this ​me.​
​you was true.​I’m sorry that ​’Cause I need ​this pain​
​I lied, but you forgave ​Everything I told ​do.​
​when I fall​I don’t want all ​
​for you,​I feel,​
​I tend to ​And catch me ​―Unknown​
​always be there ​You know how ​
​That’s just something ​me back,​
​apology, doll​I promised to ​you.​
​needing you.​So please take ​
​Please accept my ​you.​I feel about ​
​I’m sorry for ​Always near.​all​You lied, but I forgave ​
​But that doesn’t change how ​“no.”​

​Never far away,​


​once and for ​promise,​made a mistake,​
​can’t take a ​want you here.​
​By forgiving me ​never break a ​
​I know I ​I’m sorry I ​

​And now I ​breathe again​
​You promised to ​―Jealeah N. Martin​head to toe.​
​bad decision,​Allow me to ​
​you.​love life last.​

​I’m sorry from ​It was a ​this pain​
​You lied, but I forgave ​Let’s make this ​have read.​
​I chose.​Free me of ​needs,​
​and fight.​

​things you may ​

My Punishment

​Because of what ​
​always meet my ​
​I don’t wanna fuss ​
​and all the ​longer together​
​Life is now ​
​You promised to ​
​the past.​
​the things I’ve said​
​We are no ​
​have become​
​you.​the trash in ​
​I’m sorry for ​But nobody knows​
​Is what I ​You lied, but I forgave ​
​love and leave ​cleaning the stain.​
​you,​Worried and bothered​
​Let’s restore our ​
​and for not ​I still love ​
​Troubled and disturbed​
​did the first ​
​for them.​all the pain,​
​And I can’t undo.​
​Dissatisfied and saddened​

​again after you ​

Please Forgive Me

​do no more ​I’m sorry for ​Now it’s too late,​
​Unhappy and disheartened​never hit me ​
​saying I can ​stuff.​out on you.​
​―Wendi Jane​You promised to ​
​next to it ​all the dumb ​
​When I walked ​hand and whispered, “I’m back”.​
​you.​away with cupid ​
​I’m sorry for ​own heart​
​You clasped my ​You lied, but I forgave ​
​I guess they’ve flown far ​enough.​
​I broke my ​where you sat,​


Sorry For The Trouble

​to those days?​sorry is not ​
​adult.​walked over to ​
​never hurt me ​What ever happened ​
​I’m sorry that ​acted like an ​
​And when I ​You promised to ​
​intriguing hugs.​hell.​I should have ​
​for many weeks.​
​you.​standing without soft ​put you through ​
​immature;​You hadn’t had company ​
​You lied, but I forgave ​never leave you ​
​I’m sorry I ​I was so ​

​when I could ​

Sincere Apologies

​a shell.​all my fault.​
​hand…then tapped the ​
​never hurt me ​start in love ​keep myself in ​
​And they were ​You raised your ​
​You promised to ​fresh from the ​
​I’m sorry I ​up,​
​cruel bickering.​you.​
​when we were ​best.​
​what messed it ​harsh words, our heat, our tears, and all our ​You lied, but I forgave ​
​we first had ​can’t be the ​
​The regrets are ​I forgot our ​
​me,​I want what ​

​I’m sorry I ​

Pardon Me Dear

​be there for ​up.​
​to the test.​So we didn’t fight as ​
​struggled for your ​You promised to ​
​you to hush ​always put you ​
​my regrets​eyes as you ​
​―Kiki​can’t wait for ​
​I’m sorry I ​Change all of ​
​sadness in your ​

​the truth.​

I Regret

​break us up, but nowadays it’s like I ​
​number one.​
​that was wrong,​
​I saw the ​to tell him ​
​were, no one could ​can’t be your ​
​And fix all ​one left.​
​that I have ​How beautiful we ​
​I’m sorry I ​time​
​you sitting alone, like the last ​
​But I know ​tides.​
​the things I’ve done.​
​go back in ​
​I looked at ​

​you at all.​

Sorry Honey

​the water rushing ​I’m sorry for ​
​I want to ​look behind.​I should tell ​
​us dreaming about ​―Unknown​
​hate.​best not to ​
​Just wondering if ​And dream about ​
​Life’s only happiness​has turned to ​I tried my ​
​wrong.​in each other’s eyes​
​You are my​And now love ​through my spine,​
​I did was ​

​used to look ​

Sorry Poems For Him

​Forgive my carelessness​goodbye,​Deep chills ran ​I know what ​our feelings we ​Baby please​I’ve already said ​skin.​you.​

I’m Sorry

​What happened to ​But it wasn’t vengeful​But now it’s too late.​
​settling on my ​lying next to ​dark place.​

​I deceived you​back,​the strange silence ​
​I can’t wake up ​light in a ​But it wasn’t purposeful​

​I want you ​I could feel ​him the truth.​and be my ​
​I disappointed you​you slip away.​Walking in,​

​have to tell ​be near me ​accidental​But I let ​―Anna Liz Williams​
​Deep inside I ​You’re supposed to ​But it was ​in my arms,​

​You​I feel like…​hate.​
​you​I had you ​I do Love ​like…​

​as if you ​I lied to ​slip away?​
​know is true​it up, but I feel ​love me, but it seems ​

​But it wasn’t intentional​

Take Me Back

​How could I ​one thing I ​
​Trying to cover ​my heart,​
​that’s the last ​you through.​
​making it up ​and being happy ​

​I am looking ​to reality only ​
​would be like​
​heart again by ​show you that ​
​for what I ​that I was ​Give heartbreak to ​

​When I broke ​Give you grief​blame​
​I am at ​I was nasty​
​face​To convert your ​
​everything​I will convert ​

​You’ll realize that ​If you see ​mistake​
​That makes me ​what I did​
​for giving you​Making life difficult ​
​psyche​to you unabashedly​What must have ​

​I apologize for ​still not recuperating​
​But I am ​scarred​
​No longer livin’​

​kids​There is no ​
​No longer strong​wheelchair​
​Stood strong​I cannot change ​

​are, all tears have ​Wasted confetti, a day wasted ​
​A sideways glance, a meeting of ​yours, yours to leave​
​―Rico Sainz​
​most is that ​

​baby, my love, my world, my perfect angel, my girl,​right.​
​you have a ​Inside I feel ​
​cry repeats in ​I’m sorry for ​

​I was so ​


​You know you ​I’ll never understand​
​say I’m sorry​nail​you, even past the ​
​you for my ​letting be a ​mistake.​for leading you ​
​you were slowly ​believe everything was ​baby, my wife, even my friend.​only fear.​
​I gently brush ​smiles and frowns,​why couldn’t I have ​
​love you so.​I can’t let you ​And I will ​my life.​
​from my heart.​Making life crappy.​That once and ​Is hold her ​around,​
​To get a ​and die.​
​Why should I ​dead.​I lost it ​think of.​I’m sorry if ​
​everything but …​not even me ​We both made ​one.​you and me,​
​mistakes.​and always try ​and I’m sorry that ​the right to ​
​and I’m sorry for ​but mainly for ​first.​was so stupid.​

​I’m sorry I ​

I’m Sorry

​want to stay.​And causing all ​And for not ​
​me​can’t trust me​All I can ​

​did and for ​I bare my ​every day that ​
​stupid I am​

​and trust.​Yet act as ​love.​best.​
​ignorance.​say,​I dream of ​

​I love you ​My mouth contradicts ​fail to put ​be mean and ​
​And let me ​heart and your ​make you cry.​

​No matter how ​see the pain ​
​It was obviously, all my fault,​Not apologizing was ​

​been the truth,​I know, what I did ​
​takes forever...​Let me cure ​

​of me​see​But Baby its ​go I don't know what ​
​carry stress's heavy load​you were that ​up, I want you ​So bad, That I begin ​

​you to know​love you so ​
​for​the best​

​deserve more​Please understand me ​I caused you ​
​the whole world ​your just perfect, My dream Guy​just an angel ​

​my life isn't what it ​

Sorry For Hurting You

​―Rebecca H​
​completely, with all of ​But I hope ​
​I’ve been putting ​of my life ​
​Growing old together ​
​I come back ​
​what my world ​
​sad. Win over his ​
​He may never ​
​To be angry ​
​I can see ​

​made me​

I’m Sorry

​thinking​Never again, will I ever​
​I am to ​regret​To hurl curses​

​On your beautiful ​a minute​I will do ​
​―Unknown​my errors​can take​

​As my ultimate ​lesson​I don’t look at ​
​I am sorry ​me​been in my ​

​When I lied ​fathom​you are sad​
​But I am ​one with blisters​one who is ​

​one who is ​full​
​No playing with ​family​

​Paying for my ​No longer tall​
​Sit in my ​―Samuel​a beautiful bride​

​Now here we ​ties​
​your trust?​My heart was ​I lied.​

​What hurts the ​I promise my ​
​never do anything ​wanted to make ​you happy.​

​me making you ​―Sean O’Brien​you what love ​
​Darling, don’t give up ​empty and lost​take your hand!​

​to hurt you​

My Mistake

​many times I ​were like a ​
​I’ll always love ​
​to have had ​Thank you for ​

​learn from my ​I am sorry ​see​I made myself ​
​You were my ​my one and ​and downs.​at all our ​you lay.​

​And say I ​too much.​
​one last chance,​For you are ​
​This is coming ​Instead of screaming, yelling,​
​Come true tonight,​to do​

​To turn it ​all I need​Is lie here ​
​Life is worthless.​Now I am ​
​But now it’s not.​thing I can ​normal.​
​and I’m sorry for ​Nobody’s perfect,​me.​

​I’m the stupid ​perfect thought of ​for all my ​
​see the good​need to apologize,​
​You were right, and you had ​you,​
​for the future,​I’m saying sorry ​
​I’m sorry I ​
​have to pay.​And make you ​messing up​
​not being perfect​don’t believe in ​I’m sorry you ​no more.​

​for what I ​you need me.​
​And I pray ​myself at how ​want and stability ​
​our dreams,​your protestations of ​you do, you’re always second ​
​Casual disdain and ​every word you ​

​cruel and thoughtlessly.​apart.​
​worst.​I seem to ​to do is ​
​and fears​To share your ​to do is ​dies.​Every time I ​
​tied.​deny,​Following me has ​

​and actions built.​

What Ever Happened?

​Even if it ​Please forgive me...​the world thinks ​
​poem so you ​exaggeration​And If you ​You help me ​color, turns black​
​But I messed ​stress, and infuriation​tryin too, but i want ​
​But can I ​I ever asked ​you deserve beyond ​
​I feel Your ​regretful mistake​inside​
​I can face ​your personality, oh'boy​At times, I swear your ​Hear me out, listen to me​
​You make me ​us part.​I love you ​enough,​
​of the hell ​spend the rest ​me,​without you and ​my life.​
​Sometimes I wonder ​his heart, he may feel ​―Unknown​the reason​
​look back​I wonder what ​What was I ​a new leaf​
​troubles​But now I ​I was crazy​sweet smile​I will take ​smirk​
​endeavor​To learn from ​From it I ​my folly​it as a ​―Unknown​trouble to endure​just not being ​What must have ​
​have been thinking​I can’t seem to ​
​I hurt when ​one with wounds​You are the ​You are the ​You are the ​Sins paid in ​
​Already lost​Sorry to my ​wrong​Not the end​
​Crying out loud​Let’s start again; I do, do you?​
​have happened to ​I did, I do, I do.​

​to slice our ​


​So why, oh why, did I break ​breathe​
​Most of all, baby, I’m sorry that ​awful things.​say sorry​
​have failed,​wasting your time,​
​can never make ​The thought of ​

​see​I will show ​
​it cost​My soul is ​What I’d give to ​
​I never meant ​No matter how ​
​If my words ​mine.​

​I am glad ​my heartache.​
​move forward and ​Now you’re gone, you went away.​too blind to ​
​slowly fading away.​to an end?​
​Loosing you was ​all the ups ​I look back ​

​to you watching ​my eyes,​
​I love you ​So give it ​
​new start,​done.​
​her happy​dreams​All I want ​

​One last chance​
​But that is ​to do​bed.​
​complete,​But it’s the only ​

​things back to ​

Tell Him The Truth

​that took​is.​
​it deep within ​
​chance.​blinded by the ​I’m saying sorry ​
​I can only ​you felt the ​
​it the most.​I wasn’t there for ​I’m saying sorry ​―Jacob Greenberg​
​second guess.​And now I ​can’t fix it​I’m sorry for ​
​I’m sorry for ​I’m sorry you ​―Leon Weate​excuses and hide ​To say sorry ​
​you more than ​hand,​I scream at ​Of need and ​cherish all of ​
​I never hear ​No matter what ​
​and arrogance,​And hang on ​Yet act so ​
​thoughts so far ​best; I am my ​cherish, fail to hold.​All I seem ​
​hopes and dreams ​such chance​
​All I seem ​of my heart ​—Unknown​
​Clearly guilty, my hands are ​A second more, I could not ​
​it, and be strong.​That my words ​Glue, Tape, stiches, Baby I'll do whatever​love and need​
​for doing this, but Idc what ​I wrote this ​might be an ​
​YOU​rocky road​without you loses ​our seperation​I cause you ​
​Forgive me for ​I swore​Your more than ​
​be adored​me...down below​It was a ​
​Last Night, I hurt you ​can do anything, even fly​joy​happiness & love​all real​
​tell you how ​
​To let you ​you forever, ’til death do ​ever be rough.​
​sorry, and I can’t say that ​
​I know all ​I want to ​future, hoping you’ll be with ​
​That I wouldn’t be myself ​like you in ​a special poem.​
​what you did, but deep inside ​I am sorry​You have all ​
​Now that I ​two​―Unknown​
​I will turn ​For all the ​abuses​―Unknown​

​Back into a ​

Broken Promises And Apologies

​magic work​Into a silly ​Is an honest ​
​am​what experience​
​I don’t look at ​I look at ​so uncalled for​
​Giving you more ​That I was ​
​understand​What I must ​―Unknown​
​can see how​You are the ​
​the one dying​the one crying​―Norman Keith Morgan​In the end​Race against time​
​be​Things I did ​
​It’s the beginning​Through my smile​too​
​This should never ​I regret what ​
​A frightful mistake ​than steel, stronger than lust​speak, I could barely ​
​promise, made you cry.​never say those ​
​I had to ​I’m sorry I ​I’m sorry for ​
​I’m sorry I ​said.​
​and you will ​me​
​Not knowing what ​friend​
​so much together​still are scored​
​the board​―Dashielle Alberts​
​Always and forever, baby, you’ll always be ​life.​to live with ​but I must ​
​me.​but I was ​
​not see you ​things great come ​your ear.​
​made it through ​make you stay?​
​I lay next ​So look into ​
​something.​am nothing​For a brand ​
​what I have ​I can make ​
​And make her ​down.​Before she leaves.​
​been two days,​
​All I want ​Crying in my ​
​She made me ​My life was ​
​what you want,​We can change ​so I’m sorry for ​said something wrong, but that’s how life ​
​down, and I feel ​don’t have a ​for being blinded,​bad.​
​I’m sorry that ​I’m sorry that ​when you needed ​
​I’m sorry that ​last.​best.​
​And made you ​wasn’t good enough​
​I’m sorry I ​

​break your fears.​

Forgive My Mistakes

​could not win.​
​me in.​love for evermore.​
​I have no ​soul to you​
​That I need ​love, for risking your ​materialize, my promises rust.​
​screams​love you and ​hard you try, it’s never enough.​
​and everything’s a test.​see is selfishness ​and day​
​of me,​My actions and ​
​You act your ​To fail to ​
​that’s dear.​You share your ​much and take ​
​often you try,​A little part ​my inner vault.​
​I’m so sorry, from deep inside,​like a tooth.​
​Tried to avoid ​so much guilt,​it back together​
​i care about, the one i ​babe, yes Im pathetic ​
​and motivation​To others this ​am because of ​me through this ​
​Because My life ​maybe it's best for ​feel bad that ​let you go?​
​an eternity That ​like the rest​you upset, you deserve to ​
​Because deep inside ​Break​myside​
​feel that i ​An innocent smile, laughter full of ​You brought me ​all lies, but baby its ​
​If I can ​be so stupid​I will love ​
​time it will ​I am so ​

​to you.​

A Forgiving Moment

​as can be.​
​forward to the ​to see​If I didn’t have someone ​saying sorry with ​
​he’s angry for ​did​
​stupid​you​your heart into ​
​I am sorry​I promise you​shame​
​For all the ​I am sorry​grimace​To make my ​your frown​

​my apology​how keen I ​I look at ​
​ponder​As a blunder​Pain which was ​
​for you​How I didn’t even think​
​I can’t seem to ​come over me​my mistakes​
​I hope you ​the one bleeding​

​But I am ​

Forgive Me

​But I am ​
​And still unforgiven.​
​Cold as frost​
​Know it must ​Stomach aches​
​Try to pretend​Stood proud​
​the past, not alter it ​been cried​
​Love is stronger ​I could hardly ​I broke my ​
​that I would ​I’m sorry that ​

​happy life.​

Sorry For Mistakes

​so crappy.​my head.​
​everything I had ​Give me time ​
​Please believe in ​hurt and angry​
​are my best ​We’ve been through ​
​Deep down you ​Your feelings were ​
​end of time.​wife.​
​part of your ​I must learn ​
​slipping away from ​okay,​
​How could I ​Why do all ​
​your hair behind ​wondering how we ​
​done everything to ​―Cory Fischer​

​make it into ​

Forgive Me, Darling

​Without you I ​I’m just asking​
​I’m sorry for ​
​for all​tight​
​Hoping she won’t turn me ​last chance​
​It has only ​try?​
​I’m lying here,​all, because I fought.​
​―Jaz​this is not ​
​Please forgive me.​and you,​
​some errors and ​I let you ​
​when really we ​I’m saying sorry ​
​to avoid the ​you were hurt.​
​be mad.​

​not listening​

Genuine Sorry

​the past.​I’m saying sorry ​
​You haven’t seen my ​ever doubted it​
​I’m sorry I ​your tears.​
​being able to ​
​And that I ​And won’t ever let ​
​offer is my ​what I do.​
​heart and my ​you never see​
​For risking your ​My plans never ​
​if I can’t hear your ​I say I ​No matter how ​
​Assumption and judgment ​
​Yet all you ​you all night ​
​with every part ​my heart.​

​you first.​

​cold,​in to all ​romance.​You risk so ​hard and how ​in your eyes,​I have opened ​a lie.​It was hurting ​was wrong,​I just feel ​your heart, let me put ​Your the one ​

​That im sorry ​true, your my life ​i'll do...​

​I'm who I ​

​light that guided ​back​to feel that ​I can't help and ​much, that I would ​Love you for ​because you not ​Than me getting ​though​Pain, Your 1st heart ​with you by ​With You i ​

​from way above​
​used to be​​You Bet its ​